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Profile: Clinica San Lucas


The old two story reinforced concrete structure of the San Esteban Episcopal School had been in disuse for a long time. Following its most recent use as a dormitory for college students, it was in disastrous condition. Then in 1992 Bishop Holguin convened a meeting to look at potential future uses: an orphanage, a home for elderly persons, an office building, a clinic, etc.

Some time after this meeting, the Episcopal Medical Missions Foundation providentially contacted diocese suggesting that the EMMF could assist the Church in rehabilitating this facility as a clinic, which they called "Clinica San Lucas". (In the Dominican Republic " hospitals" are government owned and poorly equipped and supplied. "Clinics" are privately owned and better equipped and supplied.)

Work teams began to come to work on Clinica San Lucas during the summers, beginning in 1993. While in San Pedro they established a sense of companionship and friendship with the then priest Alfredo Williams, and the people of San Esteban, as they worked on refurbishing the building. They first cleaned up the facilities, then replaced the roof and ceiling, and began working on the wiring and plumbing of the upper floor, and preparing it to house work teams. In early 1995, a dentist, Dr. Larry Campbell, "camped out" in the Clinica, and provided it first services. Due to the lack funds little progress was made over the next year or so.

Clinica San Lucas, Dominican RepublicHowever, with he 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Dominican Episcopal Church in 1997, and with a growing relationship with the Santana Elisa Clinic in Los Alcarizos, Santo Domingo, the goal now is to have the first floor sufficiently rehabilitated to begin on going medical services no later than mid-1997.

Clinica San Lucas’ goal is to provide medical services to the poor as a ministry of mercy to the needy -hopefully the best service in the eastern part of the country. Patients will be required to pay for services, but on a sliding scale according to their ability to pay. Clinica San Lucas will offer regular medical consultation, with x-ray capabilities, obstetrics, dental and eye clinics, and minor surgery. The Sisters of Transfiguration’s Clinica Buen Pastor in barrio Las Flores, will serve as a feeder clinic into Clinica San Lucas. Surgery will be carried our directly in Clinica San Lucas, and possibly in cooperation with nearby St. George public hospital.

-Reprinted from the Caribbean Palms, a newsletter of the Dominican Episcopal Church. Julio C. Holguin, Obispo

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Profile: Clinica San Lucas

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