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Picture 1

Above: The 1998 Medical / Dental mission team from St. Andrews, Sequin.
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Above: On the way to the village Corral Quernado, the bus driver stops to fill ruts in the road with rocks.
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Left: Scenery along the highway from Tegucigalpa to Corral Quernado.
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Picture 3 

Left: We arrive at our base camp at Ojo de Agua.
We will be staying at St. Michael and all Angels Episcopal Church
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St. Micheal's and all Angels Episcopal Church, Ojo de Ajua - HondurasThe Church at Ojo de Agua served as the pharmacy during the mission trip.

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Left: Setting up the pharmacy in the church at Ojo de Agua.
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Right:Pharmacist John Brannan (Sequin, Texas) and pharmacy assistant  Beatriz Martinez (Weslora).
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Left: Pharmacy assistants John Carter and Fr. John Badders (Canyon Lake, Texas)








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