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Left: A "dental puppet show" by Dr. Bill Lee
and company about the importance
of good dental hygiene.

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Dr. Williams exams local patients, Fr. Moore translates 



Right: An often heard phrase during our trip:
"Abra tu boca"
(translation: Open your mouth)
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A dental clinic was set up at Ojo de Agua.Doctor James Duncan and Fr. Aguilar, priest and translator work extracting teeth.

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Left: Dental technologist, Diane A., holds ight and assists Dr. Bill Reeves.

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Left: Dr. Carroll Shelton does restorative dentistry on site in Ojo de Agua.

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Right: A chapel service in Corral Quemado - Dr. Bill Reeves on guitar.

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Left: Gathering for dinner at Corral Quemado. In the foreground: Dr. Keith Black, John Carter, Dr. Jim Duncan, Sammie Lee, Dr. Bill Lee.

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Right: Music and dancing at Corral Quemado.

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The "Chicken Dance!"

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Right: Dancers from Villa de San Francisco entertain at the farewell celebration ("despedido").

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